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Yeotown is a special place that uses a unique and proven Mind + Body formula to offer an award-winning five-day healthy lifestyle programme that will help you achieve the levels of health, energy and wellbeing you’ve been searching for. Our retreat is a far cry from fat farms and weight loss boot camps, we are not about what you will lose but more focused on what you will gain. Yeotown is based in North Devon 15 minutes from the wildly rugged, breathtaking Atlantic Ocean.

We are life-affirming, dedicated to sharing our passion and knowledge on sustainable and inspiring ways to get and stay healthy while having fun in the process. As a best spa retreat award winner, we are known for doing more than a typical health spa and detox retreat. We use our proven formula to help you achieve a high level of wellbeing by taking control of your mind and body; the added bonus of any weight loss is a side effect of our energising programme. Here at Yeotown we’ve spent years working with people just like you and so we can promise that whatever your background, whatever your current levels of health and fitness, we can help you achieve your goal of taking control of your wellbeing, taking ownership of your health and taking your life to that next level of engagement, achievement and enjoyment. We’d love to share with you our Mind + Body recipes for complete wellbeing and hope to welcome you to Yeotown soon.

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Alkaline Eating – The Litmus Test So what’s all this talk about an alkaline diet you’ve been hearing lately and what exactly does it mean? Well remember those chemistry lessons where the teacher handed out strips of litmus paper so you could test the pH of a substance and record whether it was acidic or […]

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Excited to announce we’ve confirmed four top names in health and fitness we’re excited to be joining forces with. You’ll still experience the kind of fitness, cleansing, and healthy lifestyle experiences of our award winning programme with the added twist of the special visiting guest’s area of expertise and glamour. See EVENTS page for all the juicy details.

This Week’s Food For Thought

London Yoga Supper Club

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Yeotown Yoga Supper Club with Mercedes & julia
Monday, March 30th, Hyde Park SOLD OUT!

Yoga means to yoke or unite and at Yeotown, we believe food is meant to do much the same thing. Sharing great, healthy food can be a wonderful way to meet new people, connect with great friends and let down barriers that separate. Join us for our Yeotown Yoga Supper Club for delicious, juicy and creative fun both on the mat and at the dinner table!
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