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Simon Sieff

About Simon Sieff

Far from being a poster boy for health and wellness in his early adult life, Simon’s journey to his current aspirational lifestyle took almost 20 years. Simon grew up with many advantages however witnessed a lot of indulgence and not so healthy habits around him. His twenties and thirties were plagued with poor food choices, excessive partying and negative attitudes towards anything holistic or healthy. It was a treacherous and often difficult road with many lessons learned along the way. The chasm between the old lifestyle and the new makes Simon perfectly poised to pass on advice and tips to those seeking healthier choices so they may learn from his mistakes and life lessons.

With a degree from the University of Edinburgh, Simon is an art collector, ex antique dealer and designer. He is never happier either hiking across Exmoor to the dramatic Atlantic coast, taking guests surfing or spending time in the Yeotown organic garden and orchard with his wife and baby girls.

Why I love Surfing

Surf’s Up! If there’s a swell here on the North Devon Atlantic coast then you can be sure that just like thousands of others who’ve discovered a passion for surfing, I’ll be re-jigging my work and family diary to make sure I get out on my board and make the most of those waves. Surfing’s […]