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For those of you who have not met our culinary genius, Julia, you are missing out on a whole batch of loveliness and the most heavenly meals on earth. This talented woman can magically turn any dish into a fragrant piece of art that will make your heart skip a beat. As if the flavors and textures of each bite aren’t enough to make anyone’s palate burst with glee, she does it all using fresh, organic and highly nutritious foods. It’s safe to say we have a crush on this unassuming and delightful being who brings a bundle of health and creativity into our kitchen with her irresistible Yeotinis, salads, soups and more.

She has created a robust salad starring kaniwa, an ancient grain derived from the goosefoot plant and grown in the high mountains of South America. Kaniwa (pronounced kan-yee-wa) is one of the most resilient plants known to man, thriving in cold, harsh climates where most grains, including wheat and barley, are unable to prosper. For this reason, kaniwa has been an integral agricultural component for centuries, sustaining many lives in the Andes during difficult times.

This gluten free crop contains high levels of flavonoids, naturally occurring plant pigment consisting of powerful antioxidant properties. These phytonutrients are known to lower the risk of inflammation, aging, allergies, cancer and heart disease, as well as enhance your mood and boost the immune system. It is rich in protein and iron, making it a hearty vegetarian option.

Kaniwa is much smaller in size than its cousin, quinoa, and has a crunchy texture with a sweet, earthy flavor. It is highly versatile and pairs well with a wide range of vegetables. Use it as a replacement for quinoa and rice, or eat it for breakfast as you would a bowl of porridge, cooked in a non-dairy milk (such as almond or coconut) and topped with fresh berries.

Our Kaniwa and Broccoli Salad is chock-full of superfoods and infused with a South American flair. The kaniwa is briefly toasted in coconut oil to enhance the flavor and sweetness of the grain. It is then boiled to perfection and combined with an array of colorful, wholesome ingredients. Watch the video for a step-by-step demonstration and you’ll be on your way to creating another one of Julia’s masterpieces.

Mercedes N Sieff

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Perfectly imperfect Yogini in stilettos, Mercedes Ngoh Sieff is Co-Founder of the award winning Yeotown Health retreat. A long time Vinyasa Flow Yoga instructor and one of the UK's happiest and most creative teachers, Mercedes divides her time between London and Devon. Flow Yoga Mama to two baby girls and wife to an awesome guy, Mercedes is a lifestyle blogger for the Huffington Post and frequently contributes articles to popular wellbeing websites such as MindBodyGreen and Elephant Journal. She is an ambassador for Lululemon Athletica and Manduka and features regularly on ITV1, BBC Radio and in publications such as Tatler, The Sunday Times , Conde Nast Traveler, OM Magazine, Harpers Bazaar and Yoga Magazine. Mercedes is also a Positive Psychology Coach and holds a Diploma in Coaching from Cambridge University. For more on Mercedes, visit her website linked below.