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Good Fats vs Bad Fats

Yeotown’s nutrition maven Hazel Radford gives you the facts on fats; good fats, bad fats and how to make some easy swaps to your diet to ensure you’re getting the best from your food and balancing out your blood sugar.


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Drink up! The Importance of Water

Nutrition Maven Hazel Radford explores the difference between drinking enough water and being hydrated. In this short video she gives you a guide on how to buy the right water as well as a simple formula for calculating how much water you personally should be drinking each day according to your weight.

Let’s Get Juicy!

Ever wonder what all this talk of juicing is about? Nutrition Maven Hazel explores the importance of adding a veggie based juice into your diet and how easy it is to make this super healthy habit part of your regular day to day routine. Juice it up baby!

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