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Yeotown Burger

For many of us the holiday season can get chaotic and stressful and we quickly lose sight of the spirit of the season. Join us at Lululemon, Marylebone for our exclusive tasting. Enjoy free samples from Yeotown Kitchen’s new Holiday Menu and the chance to sample our special ‘Loving Kindness’ guided meditation; specially created for the hectic holiday season! Bring along a friend (or 2!) and join us for festive fun.

Re-focus your energy and take a few minutes out of your day to take care of your mental wellbeing and cultivate gratitude for the people who give your life meaning and purpose.

NEW YEAR YEOTOX: thursday 28th December 2017 – monday 1st january 2018 


Looking for the perfect start to 2018? Why not join us for our award winning 5 day Yeotox. It is Yeotown’s modern take on a traditional detox but we are not a juice fast, bootcamp, weight loss holiday or fat farm but rather a healthy lifestyle retreat. The programme is more focused on what you can gain rather than deprivation or restriction. That being said instead of preaching about what we should give up for greater health, we merely encourage giving ourselves a little break from certain things in order to gain perspective and clarity. Some things we may give up entirely after the programme because we become aware how they are hurting us more than helping us, and other things we may still enjoy but in a more mindful and balanced manner.

We have limited spaces available so do get in touch today by calling: 01271 343 803 or emailing: welcome@yeotown.com

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