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Yeotown Life is a one stop shop for easy-to-follow, feel great videos offering the best on health and wellbeing. From cooking tutorials, yoga classes, nutritional advice, mindful relaxation, fitness sessions and more, it is a virtual offering of our award winning Yeotox programme. Experience the Yeotown lifestyle today and join us now to optimise your health, de-stress your mind and energise your life wherever you are, anytime you want.

Warmest welcome to Yeotown Life, Yeotown’s member’s area where our Mavens meet to educate and impart wisdom in their area of expertise. What is a Maven? It is defined as a trusted expert in a particular field who seeks to pass knowledge onto others. It is here where Yeotown’s best and most inspiring chefs, yoga instructors, fitness experts, therapists and special guest healthistas come together in one place. With new videos added seasonally, this continually expanding space has been designed to encourage you to tune into your own inner maven and take control of your health, happiness and wellbeing.

Cooking:      All recipes on Yeotown Life are gluten, wheat, refined sugar and dairy free.
Yoga:            Everything on offer from Yoga for Non-Yogis, to Open Level to Advanced classes including tutorials and sequencing ideas.
Fitness:        Short, effective, dynamic sessions designed to both strengthen and tone the whole body in creative, inspiring ways.
Nutrition:     Informational chats on everything from hydration, superfoods, key vitamins, blood sugar levels and juicing.
Meditation:   Sessions on mindfulness, mental relaxation and guided meditations.

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 Latest Healthy living VIDEOS ADDED

Davy Winter Walk

Winter Wear for Hiking

Davy is going to guide you through what’s best to wear through the cooler weeks of the winter season so you can stay nice and warm when you’re out hiking, whether that be on our award winning Yeotox programme or exploring your local hiking routes.