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A Unique UK Health Retreat

Yeotown is a special place that uses a unique and proven Mind + Body formula to offer an award-winning five-day wellness programme to help you achieve the levels of health, energy and wellbeing you’ve been searching for. Since throwing open our farm house doors in 2010, our health retreat is a far cry from fat farms and weight loss boot camps. We are not about what you will lose but more focused on what you will gain. At Yeotown we are inspired by shedding the weight of the being versus focusing solely on losing the weight of the body. Instead of the latest trendy diet or superfood we believe in a ‘fad-free diet’ where we teach you how to take control of your own health so you can figure out for yourself which foods and lifestyle habits are best for YOU. Yeotown is based in North Devon, one of the most picturesque areas of the UK, just 15 minutes from the wildly rugged, breathtaking Atlantic Ocean.

More Than A Detox OR Weight Loss CaMP

Winning both the coveted Tatler Award for ‘Life Changing Spa’ and the Conde Nast Traveller Award for ‘Best Spa Retreat UK’, our 5 day programme starts at £1950 all inclusive, per person. It runs every week from Wednesday to Sunday and is renown for doing more than your typical health spa, boot camp or detox retreat. We use our proven formula to help you achieve a high level of wellbeing by offering inspiring ways to take control of your mind and body; the added bonus of any weight loss is a side effect of our energising programme. Here at Yeotown we’ve spent almost 10 years working with people just like you. Forget temporary solutions offered by detox camps and weight loss holidays, we can promise that whatever your background, whatever your current level of health and fitness, we can help you achieve your goal of taking control of your wellbeing, taking ownership of your health and taking your life to that next level of engagement, achievement and enjoyment.

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As the world struggles to come to grips with what has seemingly knocked us all sideways in one way or another, we at Yeotown are looking to how we can curate the character strengths of resilience, adaptability and self reflection to help navigate this curious time. The COVID-19 threat is real. The Toilet Paper Monster […]

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BRING YOUR KIDS! Get healthy and boost your immune system family style with our special new supplement designed for these challenging times. With travel restrictions, school closures and Easter plans now changed for many, we have opened up our programme over the coming weeks to guests to bring their kids for a specially designed programme. Click on picture to read more…

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