About Us

We warmly welcome you to Yeotown, the definitive home of complete wellbeing. Yeotown is based in rural North Devon where co-founders Mercedes Sieff and her husband Simon Sieff have nurtured and fine-tuned their shared vision of an authentic and original healthy lifestyle retreat, with its empowering and inspiring emphasis on true health and optimum wellbeing.

Mercedes is one of the UK’s leading Vinyasa Flow Yoga teachers and a qualified Positive Psychology Coach. She is a wellbeing writer contributing to various lifestyle websites and holds a Diploma in Coaching from the University of Cambridge and certification in Positive Psychology Coaching. Simon is a former art and antiques dealer with a background in interior design. An avid surfer & yogi, he shares Mercedes’ philosophy that we each can only come to greater health and wellbeing by first recognising we are solely responsible for taking those steps that will achieve this goal. And this is at the core of their life affirming approach to healthy living.

Yeotown’s very special location in the rustic and unspoiled wilds of North Devon brings its own unexpected rewards too. Hiking across the moors in a fine mist that suddenly clears to reveal an astonishing view of Devon’s expansive Atlantic coast, for instance, will not only help improve your physical fitness but also connect you back to a sense of wellness. This connection to self might be difficult to attain until you take the time out to reboot and experience the healing powers of nature by simply being active and outdoors with us. And in recognising this, we differ from many more traditional UK spas, health farms and retreats. There is no denying that what you get from our sanctuary in Devon is an opportunity to transform your life, whilst being nurtured in the comfort of ‘a home away from home’.0098

Our idyllic rural getaway is set deep within the lush green rolling hills of North Devon, is an aesthetically stylish yet casually comfortable retreat. Our doors are wide open and we graciously invite you to expand your awareness, fine tune your balance and increase your levels of health, vitality and spiritual curiosity. Here at Yeotown, we’re raising the bar and leading the way to a healthier Britain. It is our aim to encourage total wellness; strong in body, clear in mind and balance in being. With guidance from our team of expert Mavens, passionate about healthy cooking, hiking, fitness,  nutrition, yoga, massage and meditation, Yeotown is a life enhancing experience serving up the best in stylishly modern, healthy & balanced living.

Our promise to you is that you will leave us not only stronger in body and clearer in mind but with a renewed sense of your commitment to your health and wellbeing and with all the tools you need to maintain this healthier balance once you return to your busy lifestyle.

But don’t take our word for it, read what past guests have to say about Yeotown on our Trip Advisor page.

What we are

Yeotown is a stylishly comfortable, interior designed, rustic haven of health. Our team is authentic, down to earth and passionate and you will be nurtured and encouraged to begin living life as your best self. Here you will be educated on how to achieve and maintain your highest potential for overall physical fitness, mental health and spiritual wellbeing. We encourage a lifestyle filled with balance, confidence, movement and positive energy, and consumption of sensible, nutrient dense, wholesome, real foods.

What we are not

Yeotown is not a boot camp, fat farm, weight loss retreat or juice fast. We are not a pampering spa, yoga retreat, hotel or beach holiday, nor are we a rehabilitation centre, ashram or B&B. We are not interested in creating fanaticism around food or exercising. Any weight loss on our programme is a by-product of mindful eating, exercise, rest and proper hydration, but we are not about ineffective, calorie strangling, quick- fix diets or starvation fasts.