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Audrey Smith

About Audrey Smith

Audrey discovered Svaroopa™ yoga in 1993, when a serious back injury abruptly curtailed her passionate surfing lifestyle. It would be a long haul to recovery, but upon experiencing Svaroopa™, a style of yoga from America, her spine finally began to heal. Audrey trained and certified in 1997 as a Svaroopa™ yoga teacher and as an Embodyment Therapist™ in 1998.

She began teaching yoga in San Diego, CA, before moving to England in 2000 where she now works as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist in Devon. Over the years she has continued advanced training in yoga asana, meditation and various other healing modalities.

Audrey’s love is to share what she considers the magic of ‘opening’ one’s spine. By learning how to release deep spinal tensions, physical, mental and emotional tensions dissolve. One discovers the joy of living in a pain free body. Spinal opening makes it easy to turn inwards and discover a deep inner stillness from which ’Svaroopa’, the bliss of your own Being, bursts forth.