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Davy Johnston

About Davy Johnston

Davy is an outdoor leader and walking guide here at Yeotown, he strives to help guests push themselves physically to achieve their wellness goals.

Davy served in the British military for 23 years. During this time he was twice loaned to the UN as a Conflict Negotiator/Observer in Bosnia and Sierra Leone. His career covered many operational and training roles with the highlight being 3 years when he commanded the UK nuclear weapons movement team.

On retirement from the military Davy rode dirt motorcycles, unsupported, across Australia before moving to Spain to set up an outdoor walking business which he still runs.

As a guide on the Camino De Santiago he has walked more than 2000km on its trails.

On top of all this, Davy is in the voluntary sector, he holds the post of volunteer co-ordinator for the Prince's Trust in Exeter, North and East Devon. Additionally, as a leader and leader trainer he supports the government Walking for Health initiative. He is passionate about, leadership, the outdoors and history.

Please visit Davy’s website for more information about his outdoor walking business in Spain.

Winter Wear for Hiking

Davy is going to guide you through what’s best to wear through the cooler weeks of the winter season so you can stay nice and warm when you’re out hiking, whether that be on our award winning Yeotox programme or exploring your local hiking routes.