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About Sam Courton

Sam has been passionate about physical activity since 14 years of age, he originally trained in Martial Arts (Kung-Fu and Kickboxing) and once he'd set his sights on the Military, Sam pursued Running, Weights and Stamina training. Very soon after joining the British Army, Sam had discovered his next challenge - the Army Commandos. Martials Art remained in his heart, but endurance, strength and stamina techniques became the focus of his life and soon gave him the reward of the coveted Green Beret.

The Journey began from there, where Artic Training saw Sam on skis, carrying heavy weight and applying physical skills to the max. Operating in numerous and adverse conditions and using his body to survive. To say Sam understands the human body, what it can achieve and also bounce back from, is an understatement!

Physical Performance has always been a major part of Sam's life and when he decided to leave the high standards of the Army and join civilian life, he knew he had to apply the approach to his training. In 2006 Sam gained his Gym Instructor Level 2 qualification and began to work for British Military Fitness. Sam quickly rose to Park Manager of Finsbury Park. Sam led running clubs, gained qualifications in Kettlebells and attended annual quality training sessions. Sam also received his qualification as a Secondary Physical Education Teacher in 2013, so is well versed in coaching students as well as adults!

Sam has suffered injuries and is extremely confident when it comes to talking to people about their approach, tempo and recovery - bio-mechanics and rehabilitation exercises are a very important part of his ethos.

Sam is based in North Devon and provides clients with one to one personal training in and around Ilfracombe. He teaches core, upper body and all-body exercise classes, as well as hikes at Yeotown detox retreat. He is also the fitness instructor at Air Extreme, trampoline park!

Your All Important Core

Your Core does so much more than you think. It leads to better balance and stability, and can help with back pain. Build your core strength and train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony.