Awesome Atlantic Adventures at Yeotown

Seaweed baths and thalassotherapy pools are one thing… but there’s nothing like an invigorating dip in the ocean to rejuvenate mind and body. Which is why at Yeotown, we’re not messing about with fancy spa treatments but encouraging our guests to get acquainted with Mother Nature – head first.

This Spring/Summer guests can not only enjoy vigorous coastal hikes along the stunning Atlantic Ocean, they now have the option to dive right in it. With a host of life-affirming, soul-enhancing activities such as surfing, coasteering and sea kayaking, this programme is guaranteed to stir the soul and leave you feeling more alive than ever. Think of it like recharging your batteries. Literally.

Did you know that the ocean contains tens of thousands of negative ions, while an average home or office building, may contain a few hundred or sometimes none? What are negative ions you might ask. These are oxygen molecules, abundant in flowing water that cancel out positive ions, the nasties, also known as “free radicals” caused by modern technology and pollution. Over-exposure to positive ions can drain energy, making us feel tired and lethargic, while exposure to negative ions brings more energy and vitality. What’s more, once they reach our bloodstream, negative ions increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to relieve stress, and boost our energy.

So if you’re feeling fatigued, run down and stressed from the daily grind, you know what to do… dive straight in with an Awesome Atlantic Adventure!

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Source: How Negative Ions Produce Positive Vibes

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