Holidays – A Necessary Good

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“Holidays: A Restoring thing which by blast of magic turns man into himself” G.K Chesterton

What makes the perfect holiday differs hugely from person to person. But at the heart of each holiday-booking decision lies one simple need; escape. Whether that be to a palm-fringed beach, bustling city, snow-drenched slopes or rugged mountain trail the need is within us all and it’s important to recognise it as just that; a need. Not a whimsical fancy but a very real demand born of our crazy, hectic, plugged in 24hr hour lives. We work hard, we are bound by our daily routines and what we need is often the antithesis of what we overdose on in our daily lives. Holidays aren’t a luxury but a necessity.

In the midst of juggling demanding jobs, social lives and family commitments it is essential to never lose sight of ourselves and to always listen to our bodies. It doesn’t matter how much you love your job, family, hobbies and friends every one of us needs a holiday sometimes. Ideally at least twice a year. Relaxing, switching off, getting away from the usual routine, slowing the pace and spending quality time with loved ones are all wonderful advantages of time away. But the benefits of a holiday run deeper still.

In fact the benefits start happening before you even leave home. The excitement and anticipation of a well-deserved trip are fantastically morale-boosting. Just the thought of precious time away is enough to get you through the toughest days when your to-do list seems eternal.

Holidays are essential for our mental wellbeing. No matter how much you love your life getting away from your routine allows you to slow things down, check in with yourself and gain perspective on what you’ve got going on at home. Also, by getting out of your comfort zone and travelling to somewhere new suddenly ‘problems’ back home don’t seem so problematic. It’s not a matter of ‘out of sight out of mind’ but rather a refreshing sense of perspective. Being in a new environment, immersing ourselves in an entirely different culture and surrounding ourselves with new faces allows us to evaluate our lifestyles under a different spotlight. From a distance our lives are much more manageable and we can see clearly whether changes are required, how to instil them and we are reminded that if we really want them, totally alternative lifestyles are only ever a plane ticket away.

Being too busy to take a holiday is an absolute sin. By making time to get away you will return refreshed, energised and fired up with enthusiasm, passion and energy. Holidays should not be categorised as a diversion from normal life or a treat. They should be heralded as what they are, the best bits of your life, the reason you work so hard and the pay off for all that you do. By investing in quality leisure time you invest in yourself, your health, your family and relationships and every part of your life will benefit from the break.

Time out from the usual routine is medicine, it is a soothing balm to the stressed out body, an injection of vigour to the complacent soul and a welcome retreat for our overworked and undernourished minds.

While we should all aim to live a life we do not need a vacation from there is still a simple magic that comes with travel, escape and wanderlust. Our planet is beautiful, it deserves to be explored!


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