Invest In Your Health And Learn Not To Regret Your Youth

Gandhi once said ‘it is health that is real wealth – not pieces of gold or silver’. How true this quote is – money does not buy health, and you are in control of your own destiny.

Tomorrow is another day; we all say that we will start our diet ‘tomorrow’, ‘next week’ or even ‘mañana’ – but sometimes that just doesn’t happen. When you are young, you may have time to procrastinate about your health, but time has a habit of moving on at a fast rate of knots.

Being overweight or full of toxins can cause many life-threatening diseases or problems. Unfortunately, sometimes tomorrow never comes and we suddenly find ourselves another month down the line without trying to get our weight, or underlying problems under control. Before you know it, the weight issue becomes much more complex and lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure (hypertension), diabetes (Type 2), high cholesterol, heart disease and strokes can occur. You may think you have a lifetime to sort things out, but don’t regret what you ate or did when you were young!

Maybe you feel that you are not strong-willed enough to do it alone, in which case you may need help to kick-start your mind into positive thoughts to improve your health. Yeotown Health Retreat can set you on the path to success in restoring or improving your health with all you need – it is not all about weight loss, but a programme set specifically for you to educate both your mind and body, from detox onwards. There is a mindset; Yeotown health retreat and our philosophies will get you there.

Healthy Detox Food

Free radicals in the air are primarily the cause of body degeneration, but you cannot avoid them. However you can protect your body by detoxifying and consuming foods of high antioxidant properties, such as berries, nuts, leafy greens, cruciferous vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli), fish (such as salmon and other oily fish) and lean meats such as chicken or turkey. Importantly, if you enjoy a ‘cigg or two’ – stop smoking, and if you are going to drink, red wine has antioxidant properties, but of course, in moderation. A day of detox smoothies every now and again is always a good plan.

Our busy lifestyles in todays’ world will also cause stress – another contributing factor to bodily degeneration. As well as diet, exercise (including heavy physical exertion), yoga (for relaxation) and other meditational forms of relaxation will definitely assist in improving your health.

If your job is one where you are on the go and you feel that there is no time for worrying about healthy food, down the line this mentality will come back and bite you. As someone in the food industry, where tasting everything is important, there are some cases where not everything suits everyone, as Sarah Flowers, journalist, nutritionist and Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Ambassador discovered.

Sarah is quite vocal about her ‘regrets’, having spent 25 years as a vegetarian, drank plenty of healthy fruit juice, avoided food heavy in unhealthy fats and consumed wholegrain as opposed to processed grains. Unfortunately for Sarah, the result was being diagnosed with a fatty liver.

Sarah now follows a low carb, high fat diet and within 2 months of cutting out sugars (natural and refined), high fructose fruits and all grains, she has reversed the fatty liver diagnosis, has more energy, is slimmer (especially around the waist), and all her aches and pains have gone. Digestive problems are also non-existent.

As a nutritionist, Sarah was trained to believe that a diet rich in fruit and vegetables, limited fat and packed with wholegrain was the healthiest way to go – but this advice is flawed. Eating a diet of healthy fats (grass fed, organic meat, butter, oily fish, nuts, seeds, avocados) and only consuming 25-50g of carbs a day, has made huge improvements in her health, including dramatic weight loss, digestion and skin condition.

Top Italian chef, Giancarlo Caldesi is another example, A chef that has been more concerned about feeding others than feeding himself on a healthy basis.

Giancarlo owns several Italian restaurants and has featured in cookery programmes on television. In the last few years he was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, and also gluten intolerance, which of course he put down to eating far too much pasta in his youth, and taking 14 cups of cappuccino before lunchtime!

He had felt something was wrong for a little while, but his busy lifestyle always came first. Eventually, after consulting a doctor and being diagnosed, he decided to do something about it, and embarked on a diet encompassing healthy wholegrains (no more wheat), fish, lean meat, fruit and vegetables that lower the blood glucose level.

So gone was his beloved pasta – unless it was gluten free!
Now, Giancarlo is diabetes free, but still continues to keep his blood glucose levels low.


Losing weight, ridding your body of toxins and leading a healthy lifestyle is not just something that is written about. It is a fact and vital to a long and trouble-free life. Start young (and yes 50 is young!) and have no regrets.

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One thought on “Invest In Your Health And Learn Not To Regret Your Youth

  • Nadia Eskenazi

    This is such an important article. Because it is such a common mistake to think you are eating healthy when in fact its the opposite (despite the best of intentions). There is a saying in (I forget what language) : ‘Fear your enemy in half truths but not your enemy in full truths’. Knowledge is very tricky as its an evolving thing. We sometimes think we are in possesion of all the facts when in fact its not the case. So what is : listening to your body and learning the language it speaks.. That is true wisdom.