Keep Calm and Radiant After A Health And Wellness Retreat


While a health and wellness retreat provides the ideal environment to detox your system, increase vitality and restore energy, maintaining health and happiness once you return to your life back home is undeniably achievable if you have the right tools and sincere dedication.

The key to living a healthy lifestyle is knowledge and preparation. Understanding what you need to do to obtain and sustain overall wellness is one thing; practicing what you’ve learned is another. Whether you are looking to design a life of wellbeing or need support for a weight loss program, we have created a list of tips to make the transition much easier for you and inspire optimal health long after you leave the land of tranquility.

1. Appoint time to relax.

Hours upon hours of mental and physical activity drain your energy. Even if you are getting plenty of sleep at night, your body needs breaks throughout the day to reflect and recharge. Relaxing while awake reduces stress and clears the mind, which increases the quality of activity. Take time out to enjoy the scenery and revitalize energy.

2. Sign up for a class.

Whether it’s yoga, kickboxing, cycling, kayaking, pilates, dance or strength training, find a class you enjoy and commit to it. If group activities are not your cup of tea, hire a qualified trainer or watch an inspiring video that keeps you coming back for more. word cloud Physical movement is a significant component of a healthy lifestyle.

3. Wake up early.

Begin your day with a morning ritual that inspires you to be your best. A meditation practice or a run outdoors will awaken your energy and clear your head of any negative thoughts. You will be more productive, positive and confident when you take care of yourself first.

4. Get plenty of sleep.

You know all too well the uncomfortable consequences of an all-nighter, and how mushy your mind becomes when your life lacks proper amounts of slumber. Sleep is one of the most important pieces of the optimal health puzzle. Without it, our perception is distorted and our decisions are less than superb. Discover how much shut-eye you need to function at optimal capacity and sleep accordingly.

5. Plan your meals.

Hunger is a powerful force and can show up at any time without notice. When it strikes, it’s best to be prepared with a meal that satisfies your senses and nourishes your body. If healthy food choices are available, you are much less likely to eat junk food. It’s really that simple. Carve out time to plan your meals and equip yourself with nutrient-rich, anti-inflammatory snacks such as fresh fruit, nuts, veggies, salads and soups.

6. Drink plenty of water.

Dehydration is the number one cause of headaches, sluggishness and exhaustion, not to mention a major reason for weight gain. We often reach for food when it is really water our body needs. Quench your thirst with pure, fresh water. Drink it throughout the day before you become parched and cut out the sodas, alcohol, sweetened beverages and (dare we say?) coffee from your diet.

7. Meditate.

Spend at least 20 minutes each day in silence. Sit still with your eyes closed, focusing on your breath. This simple meditation practice will connect you with your center, clear confusion and increase awareness.

8. Go outside.

Sunshine and fresh air do wonders for the soul and provide plenty of oxygen and Vitamin D. Spend time in nature as often as possible. Take a walk in your neighborhood, practice yoga in the park or read a book on your front porch. Stepping out of your routine and into the great outdoors is a wonderful way to lift your spirits.