Strong in Mind

The Yeotown ethos, Strong in Body – Clear in Mind is one we do our best to live by. But we know it’s not always easy.

All day every day our brains are processing multitudes of information, sifting the important from the not so, compiling to do lists, prioritising, delegating and essentially overloading our mind’s databanks with information. Unlike our electronic gadgets we have no storage limits, our memory is never full, we just keep on assimilating and digesting. But, maybe we do get full up. Maybe when we get ill, explode with stress or feel like our heads are glued to the pillow in the morning it is our body’s way of telling us ENOUGH! I’m full. Let me download some of this unnecessary baggage. I need to recharge.

But it’s not always possible to take a two week holiday or visit a health retreat when you are feeling run down so how can we recharge without putting our lives on hold?

Can you remember the last time you really laughed? Full belly shaking guffaws that really made your sides hurt? What about the last time you cried? Or shouted? Or even danced your socks off? Now can you remember the sensations that washed over you afterwards? There is a certain clarity, a sense of peace, a clean rejuvenated feeling after each of these expulsions. A sense that you have released something stale that no longer serves you and made some much needed space leaving you refreshed and able to breathe easier. These simple things can truly make a difference to your happiness.

Now we’re not suggesting you break down in tears or shout your head off on a daily basis but there is certainly something to be said for being true to your emotions and not stifling your natural reactions. Being strong in mind is aided by cultivating an awareness of self. Most of us hold our tongues on countless occasions throughout our week, this is no doubt for the greater good as if we all delivered the uncensored version of our opinions all the time we’d probably find it hard to coexist in peace! But it’s so important to have some sort of personal outlet so that the little annoyances and petty grievances we face daily don’t mount up into a big problem.

Emotions play such a huge part in our health that covering them up can seriously damage our physical as well as mental wellbeing. How many beautiful days or experiences have been ruined because of a nagging disappointment or resentment, how many times have you let something outside your control fester in your mind and ruin your day? And how many beautiful moments have you missed entirely because your mind was ruminating on something someone said three days ago!

So often our guests come to us run down, over worked, stressed out and on the brink of poor health. After five days they leave us in a different space entirely. We love assisting with this transformation during our health retreats but we know our real job is to equip our guests with the tools they need to be mindful in everyday life, we aim to deliver much more than your average boot camp or weight loss retreat. We all know the wonderful side effects exercise and good food have on our bodies and minds but there are infinite other ways to let it all out! Often something as simple as a good natter with your friends or a loved one can do the trick. Enjoy a weepy movie, go to a comedy club, dance round the kitchen or sing along to your car radio at the top of your voice. Indulging fully in these simple pleasures will help to keep your body in check and your mind sane. Enjoy the beauty of the present moment and make it the best it can be.