Super Powered Super Energy Snacks


Our Yeotown days are super busy and so we’ve worked with chef Julia and our nutritionists to develop these super charged snacks which we serve in that mid afternoon, post lunch blood sugar energy dip.

We start the day during our weekly retreats with yoga, followed by a three hour hike across the stunning North Devon countryside where we’re based and after lunch, we have cookery classes followed by fitness sessions so we like to serve these little bursts of delicious energy boosters after those classes  and just before we start our early evening meditation sessions.

It’s hard to say which of our power snacks the guests like the best – they almost all ask Julia for the recipes and we’re happy to share because we know that healthy living means finding delicious alternatives so that you don’t feel as if you’re missing out either at meal or snack times.

Here’s our top three Yeotown super snacks

*Snowflake Squares – A real favourite with guests, the secret ingredient packing an energy boosting punch here are the chia seeds. We use almond and coconut butters to bind the coconut flakes and chia seeds together and pack flavour in by adding orange blossom water, along with orange and lemon zest. Preview video here.

*Buzzy cocao bites – The secret ingredient in these bite-sized balls of deliciousness is..wait for it… KIDNEY BEANS. We blitz sugar-free beans with Medjool dates, hazlenuts, rice puffs and raw cocoa powder to make the post siesta snack that just keeps giving… energy. Preview video here.

*Easy Peasy Muesli Cookies – Get the kids involved or just enjoy making these simple crumbly cookies yourself. Not too sweet and full of fruity, coco-nutty goodness these are a perfect not so naughty treat when you fancy something with your cuppa! (or, even better, pair this with our deliciously warming hot chocolate!). Preview video here.



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