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Yeotown offers more than just your normal detox retreat, for more details on the Yeotox programme click here.

The Difference Between A Detox Retreat & A Weight Loss Boot Camp

In the fast paced and hectic modern world that we find ourselves living in, it can be next to impossible to find time in our daily lives to concentrate on our health and wellbeing. This can lead to us carrying around unwanted extra weight and both our physical and mental health suffer because of this. […]

Green Gets Gorgeous: A Perfect New Year Tonic

  Let’s face it, organic gardens and natural nutrition were probably not typical topics of discussion in most people’s childhood households. In fact, they rarely made an appearance in conversation until the past few years. Frozen dinners and fast food cheeseburgers were perfectly acceptable meals in most families, followed by a dessert of chocolate-covered donuts […]

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How A Health And Wellness Retreat Can Change Your Life

Most of us know, all too well, the exhaustion experienced from a persevering schedule that pushes us to our limits day in and day out. Too many hours in the office and a never ending to-do list at home takes a toll on our mental state and diminishes our joy. We become drained when operating […]