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The Difference Between A Detox Retreat & A Weight Loss Boot Camp

In the fast paced and hectic modern world that we find ourselves living in, it can be next to impossible to find time in our daily lives to concentrate on our health and wellbeing. This can lead to us carrying around unwanted extra weight and both our physical and mental health suffer because of this. […]

Keeping Calm In A World Of Constant Chaos

Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us fill our days with back-to-back appointments without allowing space in our schedule for quiet time. And during those rare moments when we are free to relax, we usually reach for our mobile phones to review emails, texts and social media updates. (I like to call […]

Mercedes Prayer in Water


Out of Order? Now That's An Understatement!

As I sat there staring at a sign that read “Out of Order” plastered over a behemoth of a vending machine, I had to laugh at its accuracy.  Upon first glance this might not seem like anything out of the ordinary. And sadly, it isn’t. This is what has become the norm when it comes […]

Connect With Your Core To Build Inner Strength

Victoria Pendleton, double gold medal Olympic cyclist, makes core strengthening exercises look easy (and fun) while working out with Yeotown’s trainer, Andy Blake, during her stay on our most recent 5 day Yeotox. A strong core is fundamental to achieving the confidence we all want and need to sustain a healthy relationship with the world. We’re not talking […]

Victoria Pendleton Core

Fermentation Superfoods

Ferment Your Vegetables Into Superfood

A properly functioning digestive system is key to good health. Without it, our immune system suffers because it can not absorb vitamins and nutrients needed to fight off infection and disease. Therefore, the food we eat directly effects our overall wellbeing and condition of the intestinal tract. If we pollute the body with toxins (junk […]