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Butternut Squash 'Noodles' with Perfect Parsley Pesto

If you haven’t discovered the joys of spiralizing yet then prepare yourself for a culinary eye-opener. Spiralizers are relatively inexpensive gadgets which will revolutionise pasta night! Whether you are coeliac, gluten-intolerant, wheat-free or just good old fashioned health-conscious a spirilizer will allow you to replace grain-based pasta and noodles with fresh veggies. And it only […]


Out of Order? Now That's An Understatement!

As I sat there staring at a sign that read “Out of Order” plastered over a behemoth of a vending machine, I had to laugh at its accuracy.  Upon first glance this might not seem like anything out of the ordinary. And sadly, it isn’t. This is what has become the norm when it comes […]

Taming A Ravenous Beast

Have you ever wondered what happens when most of the world’s food supply (aka a prerequisite for human survival) is controlled by the hands of greed? Two million infuriated protesters across the globe raise their voices in a concerted effort to fight an invisible biotech giant known as Monsanto. March Against Monsanto, an international grassroots […]

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