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A Day in the Diet of a Healthy Gut Brain

Yeotown co-founder Mercedes Sieff contributed this healthy diet plan to Stylist Magazine’s recent in depth article on gut health. Listening to our gut is something we always do at Yeotown! On waking: Start the day with lemon in hot water to stimulate your gut. Breakfast: Sugar-free Coconut Yoghurt with Fresh Dark Berries Yoghurt contains a […]

If You Change Nothing, Nothing Will Change

Autumn is the time of year when change surrounds us. It is a transitional time when we should take the lead from mother nature and get in sync with what she demonstrates so effortlessly. At this time of year there is a perfect balance of daylight and night, light and dark, and this subtle balance creates […]

Six Reasons To Fall In Love With Yoga

Yoga reaches far beyond the physical benefits of weight loss, toned arms and a strong core. A mindful practice consisting of meditation and deep breathing techniques can transform your life and shape the way you interact with those around you. Whether you have access to local yoga classes or time to get away for a […]

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How A Health And Wellness Retreat Can Change Your Life

Most of us know, all too well, the exhaustion experienced from a persevering schedule that pushes us to our limits day in and day out. Too many hours in the office and a never ending to-do list at home takes a toll on our mental state and diminishes our joy. We become drained when operating […]