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Why Weight Loss Boot Camps Are Not A Permanent Solution

Weight loss boot camps offer guests the chance to get fit and lose weight with regimented exercise programmes and a strict balanced diet. However, while they may be initially successful at helping you to drop the excess pounds, they are not a permanent solution. In order for you to lead a healthy lifestyle, you need […]

Out of Order? Now That's An Understatement!

As I sat there staring at a sign that read “Out of Order” plastered over a behemoth of a vending machine, I had to laugh at its accuracy.  Upon first glance this might not seem like anything out of the ordinary. And sadly, it isn’t. This is what has become the norm when it comes […]


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How A Health And Wellness Retreat Can Change Your Life

Most of us know, all too well, the exhaustion experienced from a persevering schedule that pushes us to our limits day in and day out. Too many hours in the office and a never ending to-do list at home takes a toll on our mental state and diminishes our joy. We become drained when operating […]