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How to Set Goals Which Will Make You Happy

Oh yes it’s that time where goal setting is all the rage as the start of a new year begins. It’s also around this time that those same goals can suddenly seem daunting or lose their shiny allure. While more traditional models of goal setting focus on the “what” of a goal, Positive Psychology studies […]

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Connect With Your Core To Build Inner Strength

Victoria Pendleton, double gold medal Olympic cyclist, makes core strengthening exercises look easy (and fun) while working out with Yeotown’s trainer, Andy Blake, during her stay on our most recent 5 day Yeotox. A strong core is fundamental to achieving the confidence we all want and need to sustain a healthy relationship with the world. We’re not talking […]

Taming A Ravenous Beast

Have you ever wondered what happens when most of the world’s food supply (aka a prerequisite for human survival) is controlled by the hands of greed? Two million infuriated protesters across the globe raise their voices in a concerted effort to fight an invisible biotech giant known as Monsanto. March Against Monsanto, an international grassroots […]

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