Accepting What Is…

ACCEPTING WHAT IS… As we all sit in awe of this unprecedented time in modern history, it is natural to attempt to resist the changes that are culminating on what seem like a daily basis. Gone are the ways we were used to living our day to day lives. The freedoms we took for granted, that warm hug used to greet our friends, the after work gym session to let off some steam, even the abundance of food and ease at which we acquired it (and toilet paper?!!).

In many ways, what is happening now and our collective response to it, can be reflective of the 5 stages of grief. Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and then ultimately, Acceptance. It is important at this time to allow oneself to move through various emotions, which are totally normal, and let oneself grieve a simpler moment in time. Where things go from here is anyone’s guess but may we all find the adaptability to build upon the good things that remain. To lean into that which allows us to stay connected to one another, in whichever way that may temporarily be, and get through this time together.

On that note, we regret to say we are pressing pause on our weekly retreats…for now. A few days ago we had an amazing response from our newsletter from various families looking to escape and join us in beautiful North Devon. We were so looking forward to being a respite for people during this challenging time and disappointed to not be able to welcome you. However with the latest government advice on gatherings we have taken the decision to take a breather while the landscape of life unfolds as it needs to.

Mercedes N Sieff

About Mercedes N Sieff

Perfectly imperfect Yogini in stilettos, Mercedes Ngoh Sieff is Co-Founder of the award winning Yeotown Health retreat and London's first Mindfulness eatery Yeotown Kitchen. Flow Yoga Mama to two baby girls and wife to an awesome guy, She is an Legacy ambassador to Lululemon Athletica and Manduka and features regularly on ITV1, BBC Radio and in publications such as Tatler, The Sunday Times , Conde Nast Traveler, OM Magazine, Harpers Bazaar and Yoga Magazine. Mercedes is also a Positive Psychology Coach and holds a Diploma in Coaching from Cambridge University. For more on Mercedes, visit her website linked below.

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