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2 thoughts on “What Our Guests are Saying

  • Eileen Wimbush

    Hi there, your retreat sounds great but while researching I read an article that is worrying me. Although they are very complimentary they also said that this is a ‘bootcamp’. As I am not extremely fit I am worried about this comment. How fit do you need to be? Your website mentions 2-3 hours walking/hiking. I know these walks are not compulsory but I would love to join in. How do you cope with varied levels of fitness? How would I be able to tell if I am capable if I have not visited this area before
    Will I need hiking boots?

    • Jon

      Good afternoon Eileen, Thank you so much for leaving a comment.

      Hopefully I can answer all of your questions.

      In short, Yeotown is not a Bootcamp nor is it a Fatfarm, Raw Food retreat or Juice Fast. The dietary restrictions on the Yeotox menu including the exclusion of meat, dairy, refined sugars and caffeine are in place to give your body, mind and digestive system a break but by no means are we suggesting this is a diet as such or things you need to give up forever. For more information please visit Our Philosophy page to read about our vision and ethos.

      All of our programmes are customised so that they are accessible for all fitness levels. As a general guideline if you are joining us for a Yeotox you should be able to walk five miles. If you have any serious back or knee injuries please discuss these with us before booking your space to ensure the programme is suitable for you.

      Our walks take in the great coastal paths of North Devon, which are undulating and at times hilly but also simply beautiful. We ask you to pack either hiking boots or hiking shoes, your preference.

      Please feel free to get in touch via email or call us if you would like to discuss in more depth.

      Warm wishes,