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Andy’s Core Workout

Andy focuses on the core in this 18 minute workout where he guides Simon through a warm up then through exercises for all aspects of the core including isometric, concentric shortening and eccentric lengthening of the deep and superficial muscles of the core.

Look Good Naked 7 Day Yoga Kickstart: Day 1 – Creative Core

Day 1 of our Look Good Naked 7 day Yoga Kickstart programme with Mercedes Ngoh Sieff. 15 minutes of daily yoga to kickstart an exercise or yoga practice by focusing each day on a particular theme covering various parts of the body including the mind on Day 7.  Short sessions you can fit it into any day when you’re pressed for […]

Look Good Naked 7 Day Kickstart: Day 6 – Becoming Balanced

Day 6 of our Look Good Naked, 7 day Yoga Kickstart programme with Mercedes Ngoh Sieff. Balance is crucial on the mat and in life. This sequence focuses on a selection of easy and not so easy balance pose with fun variations that require you to really tune in and connect to your breath, your centre and […]