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Savoury Pancakes

Serves: 4 Ingredients: 100g of Buckwheat Flour 75g of Gram Flour 2x tsp Cumin Seeds 1x tsp Gara Masala 1x tsp Baking Powder 1/2 a red bell pepper 1x medium red onion Juice of Half a Lemon Approx. 3x cups of water Coconut Oil Preparation Time: 5 Minutes Cooking Time: 5 /10 Minutes

Pecan & Pomegranate Brussel Sprouts

These little gems are often cooked really badly hence not usually most people’s favourite go to veg! Packing a super nutritious punch, these vegetables are gaining a lot of attention in the healthy eating world due to their phytochemicals and anti-cancer properties. Quick and easy to make, you will love the Yeotown sweet and savoury twist we put on them.  Perfect […]

Ravishing Roasted Root Vegetables!

An essential addition for a healthy Christmas and beyond! These delicious roasted root vegetables will compliment many of your meals over the festive period. Because root vegetables grow underneath the ground they are able to absorb minerals and other nutrients from the soil. Vegetables such as carrots, swede, sweet potatoes and beetroot contain significant amounts of vitamin C and […]

Aromatic Braised Red Cabbage

Did you know red cabbage was used by the Romans to help cure hangovers? Could come in handy if you overindulge this holiday season! This warming, aromatic variation will definitely add colour and vibrancy to your holiday lunch but we love to eat this underappreciated yet super highly nutritious vegetable most of the year. Why we love this? Ancient healers declared it […]

Sweetheart of a Sweet Potato Side

A delicious comforting side to hearty up a main or to have with a salad. Serves: 4/6 Ingredients: 2 x large Sweet Potatoes 1 x Red Onion For the Vinaigrette: 1 x Lemon Juice 2 x tsp Balsamic Vinegar 4 x tbsp Olive Oil 1 x round dsp French Mustard 4 x cloves Grated Garlic […]

Parsley & Hazelnut salsa

A contemporary take on a classic salsa using nuts instead of tomatoes for a crunchier, textured effect. Serves: 4/6 Equipment: Hand Blender or Blender Ingredients: 2 handfuls of Hazelnuts Juice of one Lemon Zest of ½ a Lemon 2 cloves Garlic, crushed or grated 1 tbp Balsamic Vinegar 2 tbp Olive Oil ½ tbp Toasted Sesame Oil […]

Pea & Mint Dip

One of our guest’s favourite! Fresh green peas blended together with fresh mint for a smooth and nutritious dip you can use with seeded crackers, crudité or even as a spread on your favourite (gluten free!) bread… Equipment Needed: Stick Blender Ingredients: 300g Petit Pois Peas Handful of Mint Leaves 2x cloves chopped garlic 1x Juice […]