Fit, Family, Fun

Fit, Family, Fun – wellbeing for the whole family with suzanne duckett

July 15th – 19th, 2020

We are excited to be holding a 5 day collaboration retreat, Fit, Family Fun from 15th – 19th July with Suzanne Duckett, one of the UK’s leading health & beauty journalists who has spent 25 years interviewing the Worlds leading experts in this field. Author of Bathe(Bonnier books) and former editor of Tatler’s annual Spa Guide Suzanne joins with her daughter for our Fit Family Fun retreat.

This is a family retreat aimed at parents to bring their children (aged 12 and upwards) to learn about the huge benefits of a holistic lifestyle.It is never too young to learn about Wellbeing and the younger you learn the sooner you can include the tools in your daily life. The programme will include the four cornerstones for a more connected and healthier lifestyle MEDS.

Meditation. There will be an introduction to meditation and daily sessions. It has now been scientifically proven that a daily meditation practices changes the way we deal with the stresses of everyday 21st century living and studies actually have shown how meditation can physically change the body and brain and is capable of reducing blood pressure, symptoms of anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Exercise. There will be daily hikes along the South West Coastal path, along the beautiful wild and unpolluted Atlantic Ocean. Again science has shown that just being out in Nature can reduce stress and induce feelings of Wellbeing.

Diet. This is absolutely key for good health and the building block everything else grows from. There will be talks from Hazel our expert Nutritionist, cooking lessons and discussions around Veganism, Vegeteranism, Meat, and the best way for you to eat for your body. The programme is also a chance for you to start the detox process from x7 food groups that may be harmful to your health.

Sleep. There will be discussions around sleep and how that is so important for your body to recover and detox. The quality of your sleep and how that effects you and how important that is to how your body heals itself during deep sleep.

As well as the four cornerstones of a more connected healthier lifestyle there will be a session on Digital safety. This is now an all pervading area of 21st century living and can effect our lives for good or bad depending on how we interact with this connectivity. We will have an expert form the UK’s Safer Internet Centre coming to talk to the group about safety on line an area that we need to get right for our children.

We allow children with their parents at Yeotown on all our retreats however this collaboration with Suzanne Duckett is a more family focused retreat, an invitation to bring them with you.

This five day programme is designed to be both educational and inspirational for all the family, offering new tools to support you in your busy lifestyles together. If you and your nearest & dearest would like to join us  in July, please contact us and we will send the room availability/choices which start at £2100 for the five days. Feel free to ring us on +44 (0) 1271 343 803 or drop us a line on with any questions you may have.