Sleep Better, Feel Better, Live Better

Sleep Better, Feel Better, Live Better – improve Sleep & ANxiety WITH Natalie Pennicotte-COllier

Sleep Health is the most powerful bridge from stress into resilience

Natalie Pennicotte-Collier

Date TBC

Experience the Art of Sleep 2.0 Method | An evidence based MBCT retreat led by Global Sleep Expert and Behaviour change Sleep wellbeing pioneer, Natalie Pennicotte-Collier.

The UK’ first Evidence based Sleep Health retreat – illuminating the latest Performance Wellbeing Rest & Sleep wellbeing strategies through this guided MBCT – Sleep Health Retreat.

A journey into Sleep Health and Behaviour change.for good. This week uniquely allows the opportunity to explore a half day journey into the art of silence – Falling Awake to yourself.

An opportunity to Relearn the art of rest and learn the MindBody method for Deeper Sleep Quality. This highly practical week blends the Essence of Yeotown with a highly focused MindBody path forward to improve your relationship with Sleep Wellbeing for good. Natalie will illuminate why rest crucially matters, examines the science and offers a personal roadmap for a new, more restful and balanced life.

Research has proven that growing your skillful response to stress and fatigue directly impacts your mental wellbeing and sense of resilience. Join us for this world first MBCT Sleep & Mental Wellbeing retreat led by Natalie Pennicotte Collier.

Across the retreat we will uncover the most important skills for circadian wellbeing and focus on the art of Sleep & rest.  We will journey into silence together and deep dive into the latest Sleep Science, research and take the opportunity to architect your Sleep Health & Rest.

Learn the Mental Focus skills of athletes and understand how this can impact all of us in a modern switched on world. At a time when our waking lives are under immense pressure from the digital age and sleep quality is eroded min by min hour after hour. Instead we should start taking rest seriously as a method of self-care week allows for a deep exploration and opportunity for complete rest and recharge and a 1-2-1 with Natalie to completely transform your relationship with the greatest driver to your Mind Body Potential and Mental Wellbeing.

Cultivate the Core skills across the week to manage overwhelm, burnout, states of anxiety and stress related insomnia.

The Art of Sleep | This week provides the opportunity to take a completely holistic 360 wellbeing look at your Performance Wellbeing uncovering your deeper respect for sleep and enabling you to rearchitect the power of refined pause and focused Mind Time.

The daily programme would include early rising, meditation, a Yeotown typical food offering, hiking, learning the science behind sleep and how it will assist in bettering your future wellbeing.

The five day programme is designed to be both informative and inspirational, offering new tools to support you in the inevitable changes that insomnia and anxieties life can bring. If you would like to join please contact us and we will send the room availability/choices which start at £2100 for the five days. Feel free to ring us on +44 (0) 1271 343 803 or drop us a line on with any questions you may have.