Natalie Pennicotte-Collier

You cannot lead others unless you relearn how to powerfully lead yourself

As a one of the most sought after Mind coaches and Sleep Wellbeing strategist, Natalie helps leaders, entrepreneurs, organisations and those most curious about self development transcend perceived limitations and experience extraordinary transformations through the power of insight, perspective and energy management through her Performance Wellbeing MBCT Method.

Natalie has been pioneering Performance Wellbeing & Sleep Health this past decade. She travels the world giving keynote talks on Performance mindfulness, and high performance meditation, as well as her Sleep Consultancy and Bond Street Clinic . Hosting Evidence Based retreats alongside Elite Sport consultancy.

As the Sleep & Insomnia Behavioural Change Specialist – She started her career in Learning & Development before setting up her private practice. Her therapeutic approach is influenced by her frontline Resilience training & Stress | Fatigue treatment work in clinical and high risk workplace settings.

During this time, Natalie developed a knowledge of how to elicit self-led change, even in those who are most resistant to it.  Natalie is one of most active MBCT Mindfulness Practitioners listed on the UK Mindfulness Network passionate about sharing Recovery potential for the many not the few. One of the few Performance Mind Coaches fusing Neurophysiology & MBCT for Lifestyle Burnout and Insomnia, The UK Lead at Global Consultancy

Natalie’s MindCoaching work has been profiled in The Sunday Times “How to Train like a Pro, Mental Skills”  and The Telegraph amongst many.   She runs sell-out workshops in London and is regularly asked to speak publicly on Evidence Based behavioural change, Performance wellbeing and Integrative mental health.


Instagram: @natalie_performancemindcoach