What is Yeotown?

Yeotown is the home of complete wellbeing and an award winning, sustainable alternative to fat farms and weight loss boot camps. Winner of the Tatler Life Changing Spa Award and Conde Nast Traveller Best Spa Retreat UK, we are an idyllic rural getaway set deep within the lush green rolling hills of North Devon. At Yeotown you are educated by passionate experts in modern health, fitness & nutrition alongside being exposed to optimum ways to integrate holistic disciplines and ancient wisdom into your everyday life to nourish the mind and spirit.

Where is Yeotown?

Yeotown is located in North Devon, England. The address is Yeotown, Snapper, Devon EX32 7JY. It is about a 2 hour train journey from Central London.

How do I get to Yeotown?

Train: it is a 2hr train journey from London Paddington to Tiverton Parkway. One of our drivers will collect you at the designated time.
Car: it is a 45-minute trip from Junction 27 off the M5. From London it is between 3 – 4 hour drive depending on traffic.
Plane: Many guests fly into Heathrow/Gatwick and make their way to the Heathrow Express, however the nearest airport is Exeter International. From there it is a 50 minute drive to Yeotown.
Helicopter: Yeotown has a landing area should you wish to arrive directly on the premises by helicopter. Please inquire for details.

What do I need to bring with me?

Once you have booked your space we will send you a detailed packing list, train times and general information sheet.

Will I have to participate in all the activities?

We strongly encourage full participation in order to get the most out of our programmes but no guest will ever be pushed beyond their physical limits.

What level of fitness is required in order to participate?

All of our programmes are customised so that they are accesible for all fitness levels. As a general guideline if you are joining us for a Yeotox you should be able to walk five miles. If you have any serious back or knee injuries please discuss these with us before booking your space to ensure the programme is suitable for you.

What if I have never done yoga before?

The Yeotox is NOT a yoga retreat. Our signature 5 day programme does include yoga inspired stretching which is an important part of warming up and cooling down the body for and from the day’s activities in order to avoid muscle cramping, soreness and fatigue. Yeotown’s Co-Founder Mercedes Sieff is one of the UK’s leading Vinyasa Flow Yoga teachers and all of the yoga instructors at Yeotown have the ability to engage everyone from the complete novice to advanced practitioner/teacher. We have the ability to split the group into two varying sessions (beginners and experienced) so every level is catered to. All of our Yeotown instructors are experts at teaching multi-level classes where beginners are given the guidance they need to flourish and benefit from this ancient yet relevant practice. Therefore it doesn’t matter if you have never done any yoga. It has been our experience that the guests who arrive the most afraid of the yoga during the Yeotox programme end up being the ones loving it the most!

What is included in the cost?

All prices quoted are inclusive of beautiful accommodation, all activities, meals, juices, VAT and transfers to/from train station at designated times. The cost also includes all of the massages and there are absolutely no extra costs.

Will I have access to the internet or my mobile phone?

Many guests come to a Yeotox to enjoy a digital detox. As Yeotown is located in the countryside mobile phone coverage is limited. There is wi-fi connection in the main house and the bedrooms where you will be able to check emails etc, however there will be recommended times so as not to disturb the other guests or distract from your programme. For this same reason mobile phones are only permitted outside of the communal areas however as coverage is limited we will give you a landline number for your family and friends to call you on should they need to get in touch. You may get mobile coverage depending on your carrier (Vodafone tends to work best) however should you find you are unable to get a signal you will be more than welcome to use the landline to call your family or friends with a request for them to call you back. Mobile phones are not permitted during the programme’s activities such as hiking (except for pictures), yoga, training sessions etc,.

What sort of food will I eat on my Yeotox and where does the food come from?

All of the Yeotox food is lovingly prepared by one of Yeotown’s talented chefs. It is seasonal and local and mostly organic. The Yeotox diet is a nutritionally dense plant based diet but does include some fish (vegan options available). Most of the vegetables and fruit you will eat at Yeotown will come from Riverford (Devon and Cornish organic farmers) and local farmers markets.

All of of our dry stores, pulses, rice quinoa, kaniwa, herbs etc come from Suma Wholefoods in Bristol who are the best organic and fair trade supplier in West Country.

Fish wherever possible comes from the local fishmonger and is caught locally in the Atlantic ocean and responsibly and ethically fished.

Will I go hungry on a Yeotox?

It wouldn’t be very difficult or creative to starve guests in order to guarantee weight loss however Yeotown is all about sustainability and balance. For this reason we serve healthy, nutrient dense foods that should fulfil you. On a Yeotox your meals will be plated and portioned and most likely less than you normally eat however most guests express their surprise at how little hunger they experience. With this in mind, you are served healthy meals each day, along with nutritious snacks to keep blood sugar levels even. This programme is safe, designed to deliver optimum results and is not a juice fast so at no point is the body or mind starving. At any point you may ask for more food if needed.

Is Yeotown a boot camp?

Yeotown is NOT a Bootcamp nor is it a Fatfarm, Raw Food retreat or Juice Fast. The dietary restrictions on the Yeotox menu including the exclusion of meat, dairy, refined sugars and caffeine are in place to give your body, mind and digestive system a break but by no means are we suggesting this is a diet as such or things you need to give up forever. For more information please visit Our Philosophy page to read about our vision and ethos.

How many people will be on my Yeotox programme?

Yeotown prides itself on offering personalised care and attention to all who visit. On a Yeotox numbers are capped at 12 people staying on site.

Are there laundry facilities?

On your Yeotox programme laundry will be done every day in the mornings and returned to you in the afternoons.

What is the weather like during different times of the year?

The UK is typically a mix of seasonal weather. The late autumn/winter months tend to run cooler average temperature highs of 10-14 degrees Celcius while during spring/summer highs can reach up to 23-26 degrees Celcius. As it is on the Atlantic ocean it can rain any time of the year, however when dressed appropriately some guests find it more enjoyable to hike in wetter/cooler weather rather than very hot/dry weather hence a Yeotox can be enjoyed during any season. We encourage guests to reconnect with the great outdoors hence we do at least one outdoor activity such as hiking or cycling or even sea kayaking everyday of the programme.

What will my accommodation be like?

Yeotown is beautiful, stylish and comfortable. It is a former House & Garden ‘Home of the Decade’ winner and its owners have a background in Interior Design and Art & Antiques. We like to use the term ‘Rustic Luxury” to describe the feel. There are three room categories which start at £1870.  For full details please see our Yeotown Accommodation page for images, prices and descriptions.

Can I bring my pet?

Apologies however due to health and safety reasons, no pets of any kind are allowed at this time. Should you require, there is a kennel in nearby Lee that can take care of your dog or cat during your stay. Please inquire for more details.

Can I stay longer than 5 days?

Yes you can. Yeotown offers a longer Yeotox over 2 weeks. We are note open on the 2 days between but we have superb local hotel recommendations and advise guests to take a well deserved rest, ready to return to Yeotown the following Wednesday. Yeotown are also available for Bespoke Escapes and can cater to groups of family or friends, PR Launches and Corporate Entertaining.