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the yeotown lifestyle

SI and Merc Coconut FunYes, we’ve won awards and yes we’ve worked with everyone from celebrities to stay at home parents, to CEO’s, people recovering from illness and even Olympians but that’s not why we get up in the morning. We get up in order to share with others our tried, tested and proven Yeotown Mind + Body formula we’ve developed over six years that will show you how taking the time to reboot your health really will pay untold dividends in the long term.

We’re not a spa and we’re not a fat camp. We’re not about pampering or punishing and we don’t promise a quick fix. What we are about is supporting you to make healthier life choices and showing you not only how great this will make you feel but how to sustain this new outlook and healthier life when you leave us. We know what foods provide us greater energy, how your body needs (and wants) to move and what will restore an uplifting sense of wellness and calm to an overstretched mind and body and that’s what we share with you.

It’s true that many of our clients leave us feeling and looking trimmer than when they arrived and that most are delighted to shed a few unwanted inches and pounds but we see this as a welcome side-effect of adopting a more concious approach to nurturing your mind and body during the time you spend with us. We are essentially about trying to become more intelligent than our habits and believe one cannot have a sincere conversation about what constitutes a healthy lifestyle without including the importance of cultivating a healthy mind and mental health. This is why strong in body, clear in mind is our motto. Tending to our physical and mental health in equal measure is at the heart of what we do.

We also work hard to run Yeotown in as mindful a way as possible so where we can, we recycle, cook with locally sourced, seasonal ingredients and take all the energy-saving steps you would expect from a place that is dedicated to raising the bar and leading the way to a healthier way forward.