Our Philosophy

Yeotown is not a weight loss bootcamp. At Yeotown we take a more holistic view and our 5 day health and fitness programme is a modern take on a traditional detox holiday. We hope to provide new and inspiring ways to break old bad habits that no longer serve you and replace them with healthier and happier ones in a realistic and sustainable manner.

If you are familiar with the typical boot camp process you could possibly feel overwhelmed and unconvinced. Is such an intense course good for long-term weight loss and optimum health?

At Yeotown we have tailored a unique programme that is not like a boot camp or fat farm. Our award winning Yeotox not only focuses on improving your physical health, but also re-educates the body and mind in order to achieve optimum mental and spiritual health which is often overlooked during the military style boot camp. Our programme is probably most like a detox which increases vitality and expands the awareness of both the inside and out, and with the rounded fitness workouts you could lose weight in a more effective and balanced manner. As part of the programme you also get a real food diet, including fresh pressed juices and nutrient dense, wholesome foods which have been created to help guide you to a much healthier way of eating and drinking. The balanced living aspects of the Yeotox programme is not something you would expect to experience in a typical boot camp, weight loss retreat, juice cleanse or fat farm.

This health and fitness detox programme increases vitality and expands awareness of both the inside and out. Many bootcamps or fat farms just focus on the physical or weight loss whereas at Yeotown, we focus on the whole person, both physical and spiritual. Diet, exercise, core work outs, fitness, stress release techniques, mindfulness, massages and relaxation are all part of our signature healthy living programme.

Fitness & Exercise

On a typical boot camp style weight loss programme you would find the majority of activities revolve around physical training, building strength and developing endurance. While we realise that these disciplines are important cornerstones in every day life, unlike a boot camp, Yeotown offers a more rounded mind body regime. This includes healthy juices and snacks to keep blood sugar levels even, nutritional chats, a focused nutrient dense menu, hiking, fitness, boxing, yoga and stretching, along with a more spiritual aspect of meditation, breath work and therapeutic sports, Thai and shiatsu massages.

mindfulness & Relaxation

At Yeotown we know relaxation plays an important role in a healthy lifestyle which is why we offer a wide range of both physical and spiritual relaxation methods in the retreat. This includes daily (on full days) deep tissue massage which focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues. This is a great relaxation technique for stiff necks, sore shoulders and back tightness – something not offered in many boot camps or weightloss retreats. All of the Yeotown therapists work to a very high standard. At the end of a challenging and educational day Yeotown clients are encouraged to have a sauna or soak in the hot tub where they can relax and un-wind. This not only encourages mental relaxation but also helps sooth tired muscles and encourages a great nights sleep.