Our Team

Yeotown DirectorsYeotown Co-Founders

Simon Sieff

Simon is a dedicated wave monger, translation, Surf addict, often waking at 5am to hit the North Devon Atlantic waves and never declining an adventure abroad to find more radical surf. To this end yoga and holistic living has become his lifestyle. With a degree from the University of Edinburgh, Simon is an avid art collector, antique dealer and interior designer, with an eye for style, class, elegance and comfort. His attention to detail, commitment to healthy living and adventure is what makes Yeotown a cut above the rest.

Mercedes Ngoh Sieff

Mercedes (www.mercedessieff.com) is one of the UK’s leading Vinyasa Flow Yoga instructors, though you may not know it judging her impatience with long queues at Whole Foods and disdain for tofu! Luckily her aim is authenticity and not perfection. A product of the exploding Los Angeles yoga scene, she is passionate about all things yoga, health and fitness. A Lululemon Ambassador, Mercedes founded Yeotown with a belief that although it is the responsibility of the individual to take care of the body, mind and spirit, we all need a little help along the way.

It is the fusion of these two minds and hearts which has created Yeotown, and grown it to become a leading UK haven of health at the forefront of nurturing people into total and complete wellbeing.


Fitness MavensFitness Mavens

Our fitness trainers are all at the top of their game, with a serious passion for keeping the body healthy, strong and adaptable. Some of them play semi-pro Rugby, some compete in Triathlons, some are also surf and football coaches. With just a pinch of sensitivity and bundles of encouragement, our Fitness Mavens empower Yeotown guests with top tricks of the trade which help to develop a toned and healthy looking body.


Holistic Health MavensHolistic Health Mavens

Due to the exquisite landscape of North Devon, Yeotown has been fortunate enough to attract some of the best holistic therapists and healers around. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found some sincerely excellent massage therapists, tai chi masters, acupuncture experts, reflexologists, meditation teachers and breathwork specialists etc. All of whom have trained and practiced around the world and are fully dedicated practitioners in their chosen field. These guys will balance you out, heal your stressed out body and tame your busy mind and are the reason Yeotown can offer such a natural, holistic approach to maintaining wellbeing. We know this stuff works.


Chef MavensFood Mavens

We love good, fresh, honest food, and our chefs are nothing short of being serious foodies themselves. Our chefs use fresh, organic vegetables grown locally, and herbs picked straight from the Yeotown garden to whip up some of the best vegetarian and fish dishes you have ever experienced. In fact on several occasions past guests have offered serious amounts of cash to our chefs to come back home with them. Luckily they love the Yeotown life so much they have yet to take anyone up on it! They make it a point to show our guests how delicious nutrient dense, healthy food can be and how easy it can be to prepare. After all its not just the typical boot camp food.


Hiking MavensHiking Mavens

Our hiking guides are downright characters. One part ex-military, one part comedian. Whether it’s about managing fatigue, mental exhaustion or surviving in the wilderness, these guys can offer you valuable advice and get you through a rigorous hike with humour, encouragement and delicate motivation. For the thrill seeker looking to climb every mountain, they can also advise on world travel and off the beaten path adventures. and don’t be surprised at how many different languages they can speak!


Nutrition MavensNutrition Mavens

Our nutritionists are more about conscious eating & making educated food choices, rather than enforcing any kind of rules about what you should and shouldn’t eat. Frankly, we all know deprivation doesn’t work. What does work? Enjoy and appreciate your food, learn about how to make healthy choices at restaurants, when at home eat whole foods, lots of fruit and veg… and try not to feel guilty when you’re craving chocolate! With that being said, our nutritionists make food inspiring instead of frightening.


Welcome WagonWelcome Wagon

The Yeotown office jockeys are friendly, ready to help and are the people you’ll get to know initially by phone, email or facebook. With a passionate interest in everything wellbeing, the front of house all practice and teach yoga, write and enjoy researching the healing aspects of love, discipline and healthy food.
Highly organised, efficient and creative, the office team openly welcome honest communication and will do anything they can to ensure a comfortable, positive experience at Yeotown.


keepers house gardenHome & Garden

The often unseen backbone of the Yeotown aesthetic are those who make sure everything is looking perfectly pristine and well-groomed. Tending the garden, Dave has a wealth of knowledge regarding local history, is a general knower of all things about life and is an excellent handy-man, keeping the grass freshly cut and the garden beautifully groomed.
Rachel, the keeper of the house, and her team build the fires daily, keep everything shining, pick fresh flowers & greens every morning at the crack of dawn, light the incense and seems to has an infinite knowledge about local flora and fauna.


surrounding wildlifeSurrounding Wildlife

Guests are often surprised by the abundance of wildlife at Yeotown. During your visit you’re bound to see a variety of birds fleeting about the trees, occasional deer grazing the wildflower field at the river and the rabbits rummaging around in the garden. Not to mention the rogue squirrels, brazenly friendly pheasants and loved-up doves greeting you in the courtyard. All a part of what makes North Devon so special.