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2020: Events & Collaborations

Due to the current UK lockdown, we have moved our November collaboration series to January. Please see below for the revised dates.


January 6th-10th

Happy Gut, Happy Mind – With Eve Kalinik

After a 13year career in fashion PR, Eve Kalinik left the world of designer brands to pursue her passion for nutrition. She soon discovered the healing powers of eating well and enrolled in the prestigious college of neuropathic medicine. As a Qualified nutritional therapist eve has gone on to publish 2 bestselling books that focus on good gut health and its far reaching effects.

This interactive and insightful 5 days is designed to help you gain a more in-depth understanding of the powerful gut-brain connection and ultimately how supporting a healthy gut can help towards a happier state of mind. Following on from her latest book HAPPY GUT, HAPPY MIND Eve will bring both her clinical practise and passion for gut-nourishing and tasty food with an interactive cooking workshop, happy hour fermented cocktails class and a Q&A session around the fire place!

This will be complemented with mindful activities to support the brain to gut relationship such as a dedicated breathwork session and learning about the concept of ‘neurogastronomy’ – essentially eating with ALL the senses! Guests will enjoy tasting some of the recipes from the book during the 5 days and also receive a copy of her new book to put all of this into practise when they are at home.



January 13th-17th

Sleep More- stress less- live happy – With Natalie Pennicotte-Collier

Welcome to Performance Wellbeing – The Circadian Reset Method “The future of Sleep Health” an integrative approach to Sleep Health Body & Mind exclusively at YeoTown this Autumn.

We are proud to be launching the UK’s first sleep optimisation retreat with the UK’s best Sleep Expert Therapist. Natalie Pennicotte-Collier. Natalie is a clinical hypnotherapist and mindful expert specialising in sleep, wellbeing and mental health, with over 10 years’ experience dedicated to understanding the human nervous system and how we can harness the power of the mind to enhance our sleep, performance and wellbeing. She is also a performance coach and integrative therapist working across elite sport. Natalie has pioneered her evidence-based Mindful Sleep method.

Insomnia recovery from the frontline to help you transform your approach healthy sleep body & mind- Future Proof your sleep – Learn how to strengthen your circadian rhythm and rewire your mind for stress reduction and sleep optimisation.

Natalie’s method tested in Elite sport, trusted by Formula One and steeped in compassion-based research will help you transform your approach for a sustainable high performance you.




january 20th-24th

Resiliance retreat – With Dr Tamsin

How to Build Immune Resilience and Energy for a Life in a Pandemic Era.

Immunity and how to enhance it is certainly something on most people’s minds these days as we find ways to continue to ride the waves of COVID-19. Resilience, Grit and Bounce Back are all character strengths that for some come naturally yet for others, need to be curated in a deeper measure.

For this retreat, we are partnering with Dr Tamsin a former GB elite triathlete, who developed a performance and possibility mindset which informs her approach to optimal health management and human potential. With a BSc in Neuroscience and the Biology of Ageing and specialist training in psychiatry and sports medicine,  and nutritional and functional medicine, we couldn’t think of anyone better to lead a retreat focusing on building immunity in both body and mind, augmenting one’s resilience,in the face of challenge and for those who need it, curating a post-Covid recovery programme. More details coming soon!



January 27th-31st February

coping with change in 2020 -With Julia Samuel

“Life is change. That is a given. Yet right now in the time of Covid 19 there is more change and uncertainty than we have ever faced in our lifetime before. Most of us feel challenged by it, certainly lost, bringing up swathes of fear, stuck-ness or perhaps old negative coping mechanisms. I think we face difficulty best by giving ourselves the preciousness of time to reflect on it. Not block it. By walking and talking, by listening to the wisdom of others, and by the sense of connection that brings. Yeotown does this with bells on. I would like to take it a step further and give you the chance to honestly examine your relationship with change and how it impacts your life with me.”

We are excited to be partnering with Julia Samuel MBE, a well-known psychotherapist and author on this one of a kind retreat focusing on change, following the release of her book ‘This Too Shall Pass: Stories of Change, Crisis and Hopeful Beginnings’ earlier this year. She invites you to take time with at Yeotown to look at the process of change, what defines it, why we find it difficult, and what the embodied experience of it feels like. Explore how each of us can build resilience to manage and even thrive through this difficult time. We will also have time to help you understand your own unique response to change and how to support yourself to adapt in order to grow through it. Julia hopes you will join her in this unique opportunity at Yeotown. You may even discover surprising gifts that this enforced change can offer us.




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