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A UNIQUE APPROACH TO Weight Loss Retreats

At Yeotown, we’re passionate about helping each and every person to achieve their best life. In the hectic world we live in, many of us do not prioritise our mental and physical health over other demands. The pressures of work, family, relationships, managing a home, bills and everything else can lead many of us to make unhealthy decisions in our day-to-day life.

Fast food, little exercise, not enough sleep, caffeine, alcohol – the list goes on. When stress takes over, which it so often does in modern life, we often lean towards behaviours that save us time or effort, but that aren’t necessarily good for our long term health or happiness.

Our luxury detox retreats are designed to help you re-centre and de-stress. Our award-winning program gives you the tools and motivation to nourish your mind, body and soul, and make you feel great inside and out.

You might have heard of weight loss retreats, which have been causing a bit of a buzz for a few years now. At Yeotown, we prefer not to market ourselves as a weight loss retreat, although many will find that they drop weight after they finish our plan. If losing weight without trying sound great, just wait until you hear about all the other benefits; but first, let’s take a look at why traditional weight loss retreats aren’t always the best option.

THE Problem With Weight Loss RETREATs

A weight loss retreat might sound like a quick fix for dropping those unwanted pounds; after all, you are handing over the responsibility to someone else, and the initial fast results are an exciting prospect. While these retreats can help you slim down in the short term, they do not always address the deeper issues that could be causing you to gain weight. Also, weight loss retreats often involve gruelling exercise regimes and strict calorie-controlled meal plans. While this can work whilst you’re on the retreat, many people will not find this lifestyle sustainable, and often regain the weight once they return to everyday life.

A healthy mental attitude, plenty of sleep and minimal stress are essential for a healthy lifestyle. It’s much more difficult to make healthy eating choices and motivate yourself to exercise if you’re stressed and unhappy. At Yeotown, we don’t believe that a strict routine is necessarily the way to achieve a balanced, happy life.

Lose Weight The Healthy Way

Our program is designed to help promote healthy behaviours. Enjoy beautiful country walks, fun activities, making new friends, and learn new cooking skills alongside like-minded people. If one of your goals is weight loss, we can help start you on that journey – it all begins with your mindset.

By reducing your anxiety and stress levels, and reconnecting with your body and what it needs, you are laying down the groundwork to achieve weight loss without it being your sole focus.

Say goodbye to strict diets and cravings, and find a way of eating that works for you. Rather than restricting your diet and focussing on what you ‘can’t eat’, we prefer to encourage home cooking and finding healthy, nutritious foods that you actually love eating. Our exercise involves cliffside walks, yoga and Pilates – all designed to be as fun as they are healthy.

Weight Loss And Beyond

A big part of reaching your best self, both physically and emotionally, is determined by what you put into your body. We don’t go in for fad diets and extreme juice cleanses: our detox and weight loss retreats offer a few days for your body to take a break from empty calories and potentially negative food groups.

Our detox retreats give you the tools and knowledge to implement into your life once you get home. Any weight loss plan is pointless if it isn’t sustainable, and to work long term it must be enjoyable! Many people who use our detox program will notice weight loss after the five day retreat, as well as improvements in stamina, energy and a reduction in stress levels.

Detoxing is about so much more than your physical needs: it’s about making a positive change in your mind. Our retreats are created to completely refresh and reboot your life. Some of the amazing benefits include:

● Re-centre and refocus for a motivated mindset
● Kickstart your metabolism and re-energise your body
● Learn how to better manage stress and anxiety
● Reconnect with yourself & find your passion
● Learn new skills and techniques for coping when life gets difficult
● Meet amazing people from all over the world
● Explore the UK’s gorgeous countryside

DETOX Your Life With Yeotown

If hardcore weight loss boot camps don’t sound appealing, a detox retreat with Yeotown could be the perfect experience for you.

Rather than simply tackling the problem, we go deeper and help you to address its root. Detox your mind, body and soul, and achieve a sense of calmness and serenity that you can take into your everyday life. Whatever your age, background or experience level, we’d love to be part of your journey to self-discovery.

Contact us to book your life-changing detox retreat, and start living your best life today.

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