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Blood Sugar + Mood Swings + Cravings

Hazel takes you on an easy to follow explanation of why it is importance to maintain regular blood sugar levels and its effect on our moods, cravings and nutrient absorption.

Hazel Radford

About Hazel Radford

Hazel is the founder of ‘Journey to Health’, where she uses her expertise to assist you regain control over your health by using a combination her experience as a registered nutritional therapist and health coach so that you can feel your very best and reach your wellness goals. Hazel spent her childhood growing up on a farm where her family had a productive fruit and vegetable garden. This is where her awareness of food and where it came from developed. After college Hazel spent the first 17 years working in the pharmaceutical industry, but her interest in good food and good health finally led her to study nutrition at the renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London (ION) where she gained a Diploma in Nutritional Therapy. She then went on to research Functional Medicine and the use of laboratory testing to determine a person’s unique requirements such as vitamin D, fatty acids, minerals and adrenal stress levels, and multiple approaches to detoxification. Hazel is passionate about passing on her knowledge and empowering people to take consistent action so that they get the health result they want!

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