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Blood Sugar + Mood Swings + Cravings

Hazel takes you on an easy to follow explanation of why it is importance to maintain regular blood sugar levels and its effect on our moods, cravings and nutrient absorption.

Hazel Radford

About Hazel Radford

Hazel is a registered nutritional therapist with almost twenty years of clinical experience and the founder of Eat with Verve. Hazel is passionate about the gut microbiome, which represents a new frontier in our understanding of the human body. In return for board and lodgings, the bacteria in our gut preform many vital functions, they interact dynamically with the rest of the body including the immune system and brain. The message from scientific research is becoming very clear: a healthy microbiome (gut) is essential for our long-term well-being. Hazel also has another area of special interest- the menopause and hormonal balance at any age. Building on personal experience Hazel aims to share her knowledge on nutrition and wellness with as many people as possible, Her moto is "eat with verve, and feel yourself again".

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