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the Yeotox by yeotown

crodye hikeOur award winning 5 day programme is called the Yeotox. It is Yeotown’s modern take on a traditional detox but we are not a juice fast, bootcamp, weightloss holiday or fat farm but rather a healthy lifestyle retreat. The programme is more focused on what you can gain rather than deprivation or restriction. That being said instead of preaching about what we should give up for greater health, we merely encourage giving ourselves a little break from certain things in order to gain perspective and clarity. Some things we may give up entirely after the programme because we become aware how they are hurting us more than helping us, and other things we may still enjoy but in a more mindful and balanced manner.

We run every week from Wednesday to Sunday and our all inclusive prices start from £1,870 for our five day signature Yeotox retreat. This includes the cost of transfer to/from the designated train station to Yeotown, all meals, snacks & fresh pressed juices, accommodation, activities and massages.

During your time with us you will very quickly start to feel more energised, more engaged and more empowered so that you really can make and maintain healthier choices when you return to your everyday life. It is about health and it is fitness but in a way that supports and celebrates your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

who is the yeotox for?

You want to wake up in the morning feeling energised, looking great and more than ready and able to take on the challenges of your day, whatever they may be. You may be running a big company, raising small children, recovering from illness, in training for a big athletic goal or simply facing a crossroads in your life where you recognise the time has come to put YOU back in charge of your health and wellbeing.

Whatever your reasons, you know you are on the verge of making a huge commitment to becoming the best and healthiest version of you that you can be (or you may already have taken this step and will be coming to us for a reboot).

Here at Yeotown we’ve spent six years working with people just like you and so we can promise that whatever your background, whatever your current level of health and fitness, we can help you achieve that life-affirming goal of taking control of your wellbeing, taking ownership of your health and taking your life to that next level of engagement and enjoyment.

What to expect

Green Gorgeous Blog2During your Yeotox week you will shift the way you eat, you will have hiked many miles in all elements, discovered new levels of self-discipline and developed a new appreciation of nature and the great outdoors. Although a Yeotox is both physically and mentally challenging it is also inspiring, informative, invigorating and nurturing. Within a few days you will start to feel lighter, more clear headed and have more energy. Some people lose weight as a by-product of their healthy living programme but results may vary depending on the individual. Come rain or shine a part of the Yeotox programme takes place outdoors allowing you to reconnect with nature, take big deep breaths of fresh outdoor air and explore the best the English countryside has to offer.

A sample day

Each day at Yeotown builds upon the previous day so that guests are given time to increase their stamina and endurance for the more challenging hikes and activities. A sample day may include a combination of the following:

  • 2-3 hrs coastal hiking
  • Fitness/Strength training
  • Core/Boxing Workouts
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Cycling
  • Nutritional chats and cookery sessions
  • Yoga inspired stretching for both yogis and non-yogis alike
  • Deep tissue, thai or shiatsu massage and dry sauna and/or hot tub
  • Reading, relaxing, unwinding by a roaring fire or watching the sun set in the lush gardens or walk along the river Yeo.

Diet & Eating

At Yeotown we don’t believe mindful, feel good eating is a ‘diet’ but rather a lifestyle choice. yeotown_180316_06If we had to choose a particular diet to follow, it  would be a ‘Fad-Free’ diet. Over the 5 days we do offer a very focused menu that is caffeine, refined sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol and meat free but to be clear, we are not suggesting you should never consume any of these things ever again. Let’s face it, life is just too darn short and having a laugh over a nice glass of wine or a piece of cake with loved ones can be a wonderful, healthy thing! Rather we are offering you a few days to give your body a break from certain foods and drink that studies have shown have the potential to be irritants or problematic for some people. It’s healthy to have an awareness of what we are consuming and why, and know the effects certain foods and drink have on us, if any effect at all. Despite the myriad of books and “Health Bloggers” telling us how to eat or what to eat, at the end of the day we want to empower you to make food choices that make you feel good about yourself and work best for your unique, individual body and mind. We don’t believe we have the right to tell you what to eat or drink but we do believe we can help you figure it out for yourself. The only way to really know if something is harming you more than it’s helping you is to take a break from it for a few days, get some perspective and see how you feel. Some of our past clients have told us they continued on with certain elements of the menu once they left because they loved the way it made them feel and wanted to carry it forward. yeotown_180316_13

Unlike a typical bootcamp or juice cleanse we focus strongly on sustainable and balanced nutrition and give clients the tools and information to carry on the Yeotown regime once they are back home. Using a refreshing blend of nutritionally dense juices, fresh fruits & vegetables the Yeotown lifestyle will leave you feeling energised throughout the day, and we promise you it is incredibly delicious. It might be important to note the menu at Yeotown is not completely Vegan but can be made so for those who wish.  We do not serve meat however there is always a fish option throughout your stay for those who aren’t Vegan or Vegetarian. We understand that not everyone has the same needs or targets when it comes to their diet so unlike many boot camps, fat farms or weight loss retreats in the UK, we also provide one-to-one nutritional consultations (if required) to help develop your personalised programme.

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